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Yesterday evening Brad wanted to get away and fish for a while so we headed up the Kalama about quarter to six. By 7:00PM he had this nice springer about 25lbs. and I a bunch of smolt bites. The way it goes sometimes. I was happy for my friend Brad.

He caught it drift fishing my coho eggs (guess that entitles me to a filet doesn't it?) and the fish had two leaders dangling out his mouth including one with a red corky stuck in his gizzard.

After breaking off he retied with some of my 10# coho leader I just happened to have since he forgot his leader and fought the fish down two sepparate sets of rapids and had him rapped around rocks several times. We couldn't believe he landed this one.

His daughter Kylie (age 7) wanted to measure the fish when we got home and it was 41".

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