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Decided to head up below the dam for some peeler action yesterday. Just us and one other boat. Took the meat stick rods for the big'uns and the big lead for the fast water.

Saw lots of oversize rolling around (including one ~8' that jumped 10' from the boat). The other boat hooked into a couple peelers, but none for us. We did manage to land 5 keeper class fish though. The biggest would have gone just over 50". Of course that wasn't much fun with the heavy gear.

The weather was all over the map. Rain, hail, lightening, thunder and of course, plenty of wind.

Mostly fished doubled up smelt. (half hitched together.) Had a decent tap on an old whole shad, but it didn't take it.

They are up there so I might have to go get some fresh shad on the Willamette and head back up there. :wink:
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