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Boat Saltwater question????

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I own a 18 ft aluminum boat. i had a problem with electralasys which caused some pitting in the bilge area. I sandblasted the bilge area and painted it with gluv-it also mounted zinc. also had the boat rewired. I was wondering if it would be safe to use it on saltwater and then rinse it out after each time on the salt. i was wondering if this would bring back the pitting if i used it on the salt water.
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Hey world,
I do not know the answer to your question. I own a 19' aluminum and would like to know what to do before putting it in salt. I would suggest you put your question to the Salty Dog forum. They know the salt.
The biggest mistake that people make is not grounding (maybe called bonding) their zincs to the hull and the Negative battery terminal.

Cleaning and protecting contacts is what i am doing today.


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You should ALWAYS wash your boat (as well as all of your gear) when it's been in saltwater. UG also is right about bonding your zincs.
I think what UG is trying to say is make darn sure that your zincs are in solid contact with your boat. If a layer of corrosion or other is in between your zinc and boat, they are totally useless. Sort of like welding, you can't get a good weld without a good ground. I take them off every month and sand them down to clean metal and make sure they are in direct contact with the boat.
Depends on an inboard or outboard, but you should have ATLEAST two on your boat. Outboards have them on the cavitation plate and inboards have them on the pump and in the manifolds. Either boat should also have them on the back of the transom on the tabs. Zincs are cheap. Change and check them regularly!!!

I'll weld a zinc on your boat for you!! :grin:

Green Machine
worldly, I might be way off base here but after looking under many driftboats with gluvit I have noticed that occasionally it separates slightly from the metal in spots. This might be a place where salt water can't be rinsed out and have a chance to sit in one spot and do some serious damage.
Uglygreen, I also have a aluminum boat with zink on the back but had not heard about grounding it. Did you have to drill a hole or weld the zink to the hull and then run a wire to the negative terminal? Can I stop over to see what you have done? I am in Tualatin and could stop after work one evening if that is okay with you. I will be using the boat at buoy 10 for sure.
Thanks in advance for any help or advise in this matter.

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The biggest mistake that people make is not grounding (maybe called bonding) their zincs to the hull and the Negative battery terminal.
<font size="2" face="verdana,arial,helvetica">OK, I'm a little fuzzy here.....if you bond your zinc to the hull and the negative battery terminal, it seems it would ground the hull to the boat's electrical system. I thought that this was a serious no-no. I was under the impression that the hull needs to be isolated from the electrical. :whazzup:
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