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Boat repair

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Maybe someone could send me in the right direction. I had a hunch something was wrong the last couple times out in my boat I had a lot of water come out when I pulled the plug. So today I put some water into the boat with the plug in and geuss what I have a six inch crack in the bottom of it. So my question is there a good place in the Salem area to take a aluminum boat in to get a crack fixed?
Any help will be appreciated.

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Time for that new "v" bottom? :grin: I'm not very good on Aluminum, might try Alfrado.
my aluminum boat is at the factory for repair and i think it is in Stayton. Dont know your brand but it might not make a difference.
Geuss I should have put the boat brand in the post. It is an alumaweld. Where is the factory for alumaweld and would that be better than just a welding shop.
You might try Allen Marine in Salem out South Commercial. They are the Alumaweld dealer in the area and may be able to give you some help. I had a SmokerCraft center console sled that developed 2 cracks amidships in the hull, and at the time the factory in Stayton welded a heavy plate over the cracks and I never had trouble with it again, and it never affected the handling of the boat. I believe the factory there in Stayton is now Sylvan, which is just another name for SmokerCraft, you know, one bought out the other, or one name was western US and the other eastern US at one time, I can't remember exactly. But check with Allen Marine, and they may be able to give you some help(?). Good Luck.
Question what brand of alumaweld is this??

Please email me the answer
[email protected]
Salmon Loser - I had the same thing happen to my Weldcraft a few years back - popcan dent in the bow from running through rough chop on the Columbia. When the bow cracked open at the dent, they took it back to the factory, rolled out a patch and welded it on the inside of the hull. It worked, but wasn't pretty. When the transom started getting hairline cracks, I was told to take it to Motion Marine in Clackamas. They welded a plate across the entire transom and it looked beautiful. I was so happy to get rid of that boat though!

I'm a Northriver owner now, but I highly recommend Motion Marine for aluminum welding fixes like yours. If you have boat insurance, it covers this repair subject to your deductible. Good luck.
Motion Marine for aluminum repair. When I bought my boat from them 4 yrs ago, they had 2 alumawelds in for hull repair. The owners of the boats were having a hard time getting alumaweld to cover the repairs under warranty. Motion Marine does beautiful work and they are very customer friendly. They'll let you hang out and watch or just wander around and ask questions. They are actually located in West linn.

p.s. Cant get my capital "a" or "l" to work for some reason today :shrug:

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Duct tape and bubble gum. Maybe it's time to sell your boat to Kurt! :wink:
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