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With much anticipation, we took the newly fixed "the mechanic has more hours on it than I do" sled out for yet another test run today. It worked for a couple hours.

It did not break. But it is much too soon to say "It is fixed". So, "It ran for a couple hours without breaking again". Yeaaaa! I hope.

Drank a couple cups of coffee. Mrs. Flatfish had an adult beverage.

The dog stayed home( and is mad we went without him). The dog staying home was a fairly good thing. A wrasslin match with Bunky the wonder lab and a shad is an ugly thing to break up.

Caught some shad. Rather slow actually. But we did better than anyone around us. So I suppose I should feel good about that.

Found a couple suckers...uhh... uummm friends yeah friends to take hog fishing next weekend. They really think I am full of it when I say the little ones are about 6 feet( at least the ones we will be catching. Smaller than that and they choke on a big shad. One of the few times that I am glad the cap'n don't get to reel in many fish. Hee hee hee.

Oh yeah, the shad were caught in the Columbia. Hook/split ring/swivel setup. 42" dropper 3' leader. Make sure it aing tangeled around the dropper before dropping it down. Backbounce it out there and wait. Most of my fish were caught as I was bouncing out there. But the guests were a tad green to fishing, so I bet they had a few bites that way too, but the 10 feet of slack in their lines probably made it tough to tell.

Mark and the pouting dog.
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