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Birthday gift from my wife.....

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So my wife got me a chartered trip with "Troller and Linda Sue III Charters" for my birthday for myself and one of my friends. I dont know if Jennie will allow this thread to stay on here, but here goes...I dont know anything about different charter companies, and I have no idea how my wife came to select this outfit. Anyone ever go out with them before? How was it?

The big decision is whether to go for salmon, "deep reef bottom fishing", or "conventional light tackle bottom fishing". I dont know what kind of sea legs I have, so hopefully I wont be spending my day chumming the water. Any suggestions on which trips are better, more fun, more productive, etc??
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Hey, she's a keeper! :dance:

The deep reef fishing is dropping a lot of weight and usually reeling up fish with the air bladder deflated. Not much fight at all. The light tackle trips use light weight spinning rigs. Much more fun IMO.
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