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I TOOK my wife salmon fishing Saturday 9/6 out of hammond , fished the green line and the sawdust pile, started fishing about 8:30 am and by 2:15pm the wife was realy bored, but by 2:16pm all the boredum had left her as her rod went down hard, up from her seat she jumped , grabed her rod and did a masterful job of playing a nice 12 Lb. Coho. This fish did almost every trick in the book to getaway, but the wife won out and I was able to put it in the boat and BONK, BONK ..
What a pleasure to see the wife put the first salmon blood in my boat.
We looked for boats with i-fish decals and only saw one. We were fishing out of an old ugly and I mean ugly old smoker Craft flat bottom sled with a center console, the wife says she can not tell which is uglyer the boat or me :shocked:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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