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Bend Fishing

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Ill be in Bend this weekend and was wondering where to go fishing. Also any tips on what to use to use for tackle.

Also, any suggestions on camp sites would be great.


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There are so many spots to choose from. The best thing I can tell you is to find a tackle shop and ask them. They are always very helpfull when us outsiders ask.

Good luck.
What, if any, sort of boat do you have available? East or Paulina lakes would be nice. You really can't go wrong!
No boat at my disposal. I did buy an Oregon Road and Recreation Atlas to find a few places to hit. Ill definitly be stopping in a tackle shop out there to se where and what is biting. Thanks for the info
Big Lava Lake is fairly fishable from shore.

There are some fish in that river -- whaddayacallit, the Deeshoot.

If you are a fly fisherman there are myriad of shops in central oregon. I would go see Steve or Justin at Central Oregon Outdoors in Redmond. They are right next to Wright ford on the highway.

Good luck

Give me some more info. What you like to fish for and how you like to fish etc. Also if you are bringing a boat or not. There are too many good places to list them all. If you can narrow things down for me I can send you in a good direction.
Baskett, don't overlook the larger lakes with marinas and bait shops as they rent boats with and without motors. I used to haul my own trolling motor to the lakes and rent one of their boats. You will find fish in about every lake you go to, just that some are more bank fisherperson friendly than others. A few phone calls to some of those places may save a lot of time and headaches as well as gas getting to and from them. Good luck and let us know how you do.

Another consideration should be warm water lakes or trout lakes. Most of the warm water lakes with catfish, crappie and bass seem to be bank friendly. There is an Oregon fishing guide publinshed by the state that names most of the lakes and what they have in them. Call the ODFW and ask them.

*Fish only bite wet hooks*
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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