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First you will have to make sure that the sockeyes will be open to fishing, which requires a crystal ball. There is no way to tell when they open, just depends on run size, river conditions, and the status of the run. Generally it is open for a couple weeks in August and a betting person would say Aug 7-21. That's when I try to book my holidays and it sometimes works and a couple of years ago, it wasn't open till September!

I am waiting anxiously for them to open this year and there is mixed reviews if it will at all. Some say the run is late, some say not at all. The experts on the fishing boards up here say Mid Aug for a small opening. For the next year (2008) I would not count on an opening because the 4 year cycle was not real strong, but again that's what the rumour is up here.

As far as other tribs on the Fraser...there is the Harrison River which has a run, but other than that these fish swim hundreds of miles up the Fraser to middle of B.C. Sled would be fine..heck even a 14 footer with a 15 hp would take a person on the Fraser..but a 25 would be better. Concentrate on the Fraser from the city of Chilliwack to the city of Hope and watch the crowds.

Good luck.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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