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BC Sockeye trip idea's?

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I wouldn’t mind making the drive up north next year for a few days of sockeye fishing. Sled water is doable, but I would rather target them from a drift boat. South BC would be preferred. Right now, I’m looking for tips on rivers and area’s to check out.

I know the Frasier gets a ridiculous number of sockeye each year. Has anyone fished some of the Frasier Tribs?

Does anyone know of a good "River maps and Fishing Guide" book for BC?
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First you will have to make sure that the sockeyes will be open to fishing, which requires a crystal ball. There is no way to tell when they open, just depends on run size, river conditions, and the status of the run. Generally it is open for a couple weeks in August and a betting person would say Aug 7-21. That's when I try to book my holidays and it sometimes works and a couple of years ago, it wasn't open till September!

I am waiting anxiously for them to open this year and there is mixed reviews if it will at all. Some say the run is late, some say not at all. The experts on the fishing boards up here say Mid Aug for a small opening. For the next year (2008) I would not count on an opening because the 4 year cycle was not real strong, but again that's what the rumour is up here.

As far as other tribs on the Fraser...there is the Harrison River which has a run, but other than that these fish swim hundreds of miles up the Fraser to middle of B.C. Sled would be fine..heck even a 14 footer with a 15 hp would take a person on the Fraser..but a 25 would be better. Concentrate on the Fraser from the city of Chilliwack to the city of Hope and watch the crowds.

Good luck.
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The river has been closed to socks so far this season to protect the early stuarts...they (DFO) forcasted 40 or 45K and apparently they have seen 19K and its getting late in the season for the stuart socs. If things continue on this course, then there wont be an opening...really you do need a crystal ball.

As Warlo pointed out, the next 2 years in fact are low cycle years where both sport and comercial openings will probably be limited...definitely this is a fishery that is next to impossible to plan around any more than a few weeks out.

The only healthy run of socks I know of that are destine for a "south BC" river is the harrison run. Years past they have had openings in harrison bay and people were having good success float fishing purple and pink dyed krill. Most runs are headed way into the centre of our province some 600-800 km up the mighty fraser!
Maybe I should be looking further north. I'm willing to go about as far as the north end of vancouver island if it means good fishing and a dependable season. Keep the suggestions coming.

Perhaps Alberni Inlet in the sled? Anyone fished that area before?

I've never fished sockeye in the river before. Do these fish hold up well as they move inland?
First week of July on the island just outside of Pt Alberni. I've never seen Sockeye fishing so good. Downside is that it is very expensive to tow a boat onto the ferry.
If I had a choice (if i had a boat), I would avoid the fraser sock fishery. its a little bit of an emberasment because these fish aren't biting, they are snagged/flossed and all the beaks in the world come out to particapate in a fishery that has ZERO skill and little sport. The river gets burried in yards or discarded line and garbage by the week end warrior types. Some of the better bars, there will be a fisher every 3 feet for 300 yards!!! its a right gong show.

Got to Port alberni and enjoy a little solitude on the water with way more room to function. as well, ocean limits of sockeye have been 4 fish in the past were as the fraser is 2 not to mention an outstanding chinook fishery in PA too.
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