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Mr. Fishermen's e mail on ifish is bouncing, and the message that Wildhawg sent to you, Mr. Fishermen, bounced back to my addie, since it was sent through ifish.

Please amend your address at ifish, cuz I'm getting your e mail! :smile:

Wildhawg, I don't know how else you can get your message through, until he changes it. Private message through the board, maybe?

Remember, that if you have an invalid email on ifish, your membership will lapse.

EDIT: Oh yeah, here is how to update your e mail:

Go to PROFILE, (the gold button, right top) and press on it. Then press view update profile, and very carefully type in your new address.

You will be sent a new password for your security.

Thanks for you att! :smile:
I'm off to feesh!

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Yep, SPAM and eggs. I feel like leaving it toped off so the spammers get a load of replies.
I have been tempted to start a distribution list of all the addresses that send me unsolicited junk and then sending everything I get that I don't want to the entire list :laugh: I think it would be fun but I know that sooner or later they would be incented to over run my ability to maintain that email address.
It sure is frustrating.
I got Wildhawgs message and replied. Thanks for the heads up.
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