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After replacing the soleniod and key switch on the new to me, I was ready for action! The big motor fired up right away in the driveway and sounded good :dance: . Well it sounded good to my mostly deaf ears.

So bright and early we- Dawn, the dog, the lunch( which has grown to such an immense pile that is has to reserve a spot or it will not fit), Vermin-(our 10 year old neice)- and Flatfish head for Browns Landing to get a couple springers.

We launch, the big engine fires quickly, then settles down to an idle. The kicker starts on the 2nd pull( which aint bad for a motor that has sat for 6 months).

Dawn parks the rig and shuffles down the ramp to the new to me. After making sure that he has wizzed on every piece of grass within 75 yards of the boat, the dog pushes us off and hops in.

We use the kicker to putter away from the ramp. the big engine quietly rumbles, waiting to spew that stream of water that makes jets so versatile.

As we clear the dock, I kill the kicker and tilt it to the upright position. Just like the flight attendant told me to. Then, with great anticipation I step up to the console, and hammer it.

All 6 pistons start pumping 50 to 1 hot and heavy. The new to me lumbers on to plane. The dog's legs tense up. I put the baseball cap on backwards so it does not fly off. Dawn is smiling. Vermin holds onto the Fish On! seat with both hands. It is her first ride in the new to me.

We get up to about 15-18 mph when the big Merc starts to fade. At first it seems to stutter.... then it just dies.

I squeeze the bulb, making sure it has fuel. It does. I put it in neutral and turn the key. The starter gear pops up. But it will not turn the engine over.Click Click. Click. The solenoid is fine.

Well, I figure the battery is dead/dying. It could have been low on juice too. She has been sitting for a while.The connections will get checked too,...The word filter let a few get by.

So we troll some of the less than optimum water. Vermin hooks a dinky keeper, but crackers it at boat side. We troll to the island and pitch the danforth over the side.

I love the 8hp Mercs. The big engine is testing my patience about now.

Mark and the OMC/MERC/AFL-CIO/ NFL NEXT ON FOX certified dog.

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