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April is here...so is Spring time and spring break for a lot of folks. Seeing a lot of out-of-towners....from all over the place. Good to see you guys come back.
It always makes my day when you come back,,,give me a hug and tell me you've missed me...:flowered:
Fishing report...things are just getting going....kinda slow but is expected to speed up in the next few weeks. Den is still cleaning, loubing and repairing reels. (CLR)...so bring them in to get serviced. He does a fine job.
If you can't make it in...your next opportunity is to mail it. That works great.
Need a new rod TIP?....got that too. Need a pair of waders?...got that too.
Check out our used fishing gear.....something for everyone. Bring the kids in for free candy. Got a fish?....we can take your fish picture...(Catch of the Day)
Salmon fishing has just started on the coast....so with any luck maybe it'll be you who catches the first one?.....

Have Fun...
Cap Den & Marie
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