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Fishing The Coast,
Oregon and Washington

babies! Now they are 8 and 9 years old!


I guess it was fun to miss April Fools all together, yesterday.
Made people be on their toes to see what I'd done to the site. I did nothing.
Tee hee! Jokes on you!

I was in Portland, after my Dad's 85th Birthday party. We surprised him!
My sisters and sister in law did a wonderful job!

I was in charge of picking up two Costco cakes and 3 bags of ice. (What
would they do without me? LOL)

Teri made a huge batch of Tyler's
Ultimate spaghetti.
(Tyler Florence on TV) and Linda made a beautiful
huge salad (Twos of 'em!) and cheese bread and Patty, Gary's wife, decorated
the hall.

We had a great time! I would post pictures, but I bought my Dad a digital
frame, took pictures of the party and handed him the SD card and the frame
for him to enjoy the party for years to come!

A family friend of ours, Jim Mickelson, was able to secure the Canby Legion
Hall for Dad's party.

It was a great success!

Yesterday I woke up at David's (my brothers) and drove home before the
"storm" that was forecast. What storm?

Last night, I fell asleep with flashlight in hand, waiting for the big
event. Woke up at 7 and n n n nothing! However, the barometer is hovering
around 29.39 right now, and still headed down!

I snagged a copy of what I see, on my
desktop weather station.. Look at that barometer!

The wind warnings are still out. Guess the storm is just late? I don't
know! But, you can watch the Tillamook
town winds, here.
That's the Tillamook PUD weather station that is
so popular.
Our Kilchis
river weather station is here.

It's great, too, but due to the location of our home, deep in a canyon,
we get swirly winds that aren't as straight on. Plus, it's not live like
Tillamook PUD's is. I love watching the wind go up and down. I can do
that from the home station, but I haven't made it go online live like
that. Too much bandwidth. I may shorten the upload interval, for today's
storm. However-- we usually lose power, anyhow.

Well, off to catch up on my ifish work. Hope you have a lovely day. I
may go out and try to beat the storm with a couple casts for the illusive
wild steelhead.

The river isn't brown and I do have shrimp!

Hey! Ever heard of "Rivers
of Recovery?
" I just received this e mail:
Subject: Your column

A fellow fly fisherman just turned me on to your site: I really liked
it (sorry about the ticket... I just get speeding tickets...but I earn
them). I teach fly fishing and tying to our disabled Vets each summer
(June-October) and would like to introduce them to this site as well.
I volunteer with Rivers
of Recovery
and am their NW Regional Coordinator. I am in the throws
of starting a 40 day paddle the length of the Columbia River (BC to the
Pacific) in my wood canoe but would love to link up with you sometime
afterwards and chat. Again, great site and happy to have had the opportunity
to read. Kenn

If it interests you and would like to help support them, please do!




Peter 1:3-9

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who according
to His great mercy has caused us to be born again to a living hope through
the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, to obtain an inheritance
which is imperishable and undefiled and will not fade away, reserved in
heaven for you, who are protected by the power of God through faith for
a salvation ready to be revealed in the last time.

I am without words after reading something like that! How

I do miss the fun of the kids being little. I miss dying eggs. Thing is,
this time of year I have so many eggs, but the chickens already colored
them! We have some Aracanas who like to lay blue and green mostly!

Believe it or not- this is the very first year that I haven't gotten the
kids Easter baskets. Something is missing, here! But, I just had to stop
some day... didn't I? They are 21 and 22! Time to stop! I keep thinking
of this song, though. I love this song!
I won't grow up,

I don't want to go to school.

Just to learn to be a parrot,

And recite a silly rule.

If growing up means

It would be beneath my dignity to climb a tree,

I'll never grow up, never grow up, never grow up

Not me!

I won't grow up,

I don't want to wear a tie.

And a serious expression

In the middle of July.

And if it means I must prepare

To shoulder burdens with a worried air, I'll never grow up, never grow
up, never grow up

Not me!

So there!

Things did change a bit in the last few. Instead of Easter eggs, we had
Starbucks gift certificates, and socks, and things like that.

But-- it's time, probably to put your hearts into what Easter is really
about! Isn't it? I don't know! I miss the fun of decorating for Easter,
and having a surprise basket full of goodies! Can't I do both? After all,
Jesus loves a youthful heart!

I bought a beautiful prime rib and I'm going to cook it like Scott Amerman
taught me to do. You put the oven on really high and then turn it off
and leave it in the oven for a certain amount of time, per pound. It turns
out so yummy that way! I think I posted it on the recipe forum on ifish,
if you are interested. If you can't find it and you are interested, use
the contact form to ask, and I'll get the recipe to you.

Happy Hop Hop to all of you.

I haven't spent Easter at home in ages. I think I'll catch an Easter fish!

And then... perhaps, just maybe... I'll buy a dozen shiny bright white
eggs and dye them pretty colors!

Is it too late to fill Easter baskets? :)


He has risen and I have fallen.

I have the flu.
Get this: I was too tired to cook two nights ago, so
I ordered chinese food for the fam.

I couldn't eat a bite of it, though. I was sick to my stomach. Don't get
me wrong, though. It was worth the total cost for me to not have to cook,
even though I would have loved to have joined them. I sipped a bit of
the warm egg flower soup and lounged in bed.

My kids were so excited by the opportunity to have take out that they
served me in bed!

Then came Easter! I had saved up to buy a Prime Rib. I have that wonderful
recipe where you cook it at 500 degrees, 5 minutes per pound and then
let it sit in the oven till it's done to perfection!

I made fresh french bread. I made twice baked potatoes. I made fruit salad.
By dinner time, I was so exhausted and sick that I sat at the table with
everyone, said Grace, and proceeded to nibble at a bit of the fruit salad
before I left the table early and went to bed. Wah. My "share"
of the prime rib still sits in a tupperware container on the second shelf,
labeled "Mom". If that won't scare the boys away, I don't know
what will!

Bill and I used to hide things in the freezer that were tasty by labeling
them "liver and onions" or "cat food" or something
that would repel their enormous appetites. We finally figured out that
"Mom" does a better job! Mom freaks when her food is gone. Look
out! But, I think this time, they'd best just go ahead and eat it. A big
slab of beef would do me no good at this point! I am sick!

I had an invitation to fish with Bill Monroe today. I put off my reply
for days on end, trying not to say no. Trying to feel better, but knowing
in my heart that I was failing. I finally had to respond, though. "No."
The answer was no, and frankly, I'm ever so glad that I did. I really
am sick! Can't imagine being on a rocking boat and I bet they are glad
I'm not, too!

Sometimes I'm so tired that I think I'm sick and I end up not. I wake
up the next day feeling great! I mean, I don't end up having the flu or
a virus. I'm just sick and tired, rather than infected. I get so exhausted
that it just feels like sick. But-- this time I'm sick! Certifiably
so. Yucko. Fever, headache, my nerves in my legs are on fire just like
after the stents were put in. I wish I knew why! More than that, though,
I wish it would go away! There are fish to catch and things to do!

Kilchis keeps staring at me like when I had heart surgery and couldn't
move. He wants to play and so do I!

I'm able, this morning, to sit here and get some things caught up, at
least. I have hot and cold shivers, though. Bathrobe on. Bathrobe off.

I am so lucky, though. All in all- I really didn't think I'd make it to
50 and I have. I am so grateful! You know, I've been through so much!
I have lost my eyesight and regained it! I have lost my health and regained

I was looking at my list of months writing the
other day and stared in wonder. I'm alive! I'm thankful! I bolded the
month that I nearly died and I have left it that way to show me how far
I've come.

So, today I'm going to rest. I'm going to drink tons of water and watch
a marathon of television shows that I've recorded. I'm going to just allow
myself a day of sick and not worry about things to do. Kilchis? I'm sorry,
pup, but we have to stay in. Everyone should do that, now and then-- even
if you aren't sick!


Oh, the index... sometimes I think I should name my writings
here "The Index".

When making a web site, the home page is always titled "index.html".
Why? I never stopped to question. It just was. It just is. It is what
I learned when I took that first step into learning html so long ago.
I learned html from an online source. I wonder if I can still find it.
Let me try!

It was at Case,
but it appears to be gone. It was a quiz type thing that walked you through
all of the elements of bare bones HTML. Hyper Text Markup language. I
was so proud to know what that meant! And an URL? Oh! That's a uniform
resource locater! Of course! It works for me!

I then took a college course in coding. They used a software called "Hot
Dog" I think! Oh, that was a long time ago!

I soon ventured into using Dreamweaver and that is where I still sit,

I use Dreamweaver, but an older version. I don't know XHTML and I don't
know how to do style sheets! My page at ifish is homey and non technical!
I can still code by hand if I think hard enough!

Some days, I think I should have my web site professionally redone. I
don't have the skills to do it myself, but it would be so nice to be able
to do a wordpress, or something like that and insert it here. The way
I do it now is that I open up the entire Web site folder, find the index,
copy the old writings into a new page called April10.html (or insert the
month here) and then write in the middle column on the index. Makes it
hard for me to travel and write. I have to have all my files with me.

Lately, I am traveling a bunch, so it is hard!

If I had it redone the new way, I could just login to a format, where
I could update my column anywhere! I'd love that!

Giggle... Buzz just called and was telling me he had too much talent in
the boat to catch fish! We'll see about that! He has Bob Toman, Bill Monroe
and his daughter in law, Kaitlin! How much fun would that be? Made me
smile just to think of it! I want to be in that boat, NOW!

Instead, I'm going to visit my Dad, go to a meeting, and then go to the
, tomorrow night. I hope you'll join us, there!

Anyhow... my life is plenty of fun, right where I am. Before I leave,
I'm going to go float a jig and find a couple dandy steelhead! I love
this time of year where my confidence is high and the fish cooperate with
even me!

Whether I fish in my pajamas or my business suit, I seem to catch them,
lately! So, look out! Here I come!


I smell springers! I do! In the air!

I love it when I go for a walk this time of year- the sunshine comes out
and melts all the rain off each single blade of grass and the moisture
is all around me! It smells like springers!

I hear the call of an eagle outside, right now. That's "springers"
to me, too! I can't tell you how many times out on the bay I've heard
the call of an eagle and looked towards the mountains. Sure enough, there
they are! Eagles soaring around the tree tops.

Sure, you guys in the Portland area are battling the boat zoo on the Columbia,
searching out springers. Sure, you may catch more than I, but I still
have the chance, here! And I do catch them here! Just not in mass, like
you may!

At the banquet on Saturday night, I heard that 900 boats were counted
in one small stretch of the Columbia! Shee Whiz! That's a bunch of you!
No wonder the board has been quiet! You are all fishing!

Bill Monroe Junior has been putting on a clinic with his wife, Kaitlin!
So many of you are catching fish!

Oh! I can't believe my disappointment in missing Bill being awarded member
of the year at the Steelheader's banquet! Shee whiz, again! I'm batting
zero! I also missed Bill Monroe being awarded into the "Hall of Fame!"
Congrats to both of you! To all that were awarded important awards!

That morning, I had taken my Dad out and I over exerted. I hurt from my
hair to my toes and had to leave early. It bums me out. Evening gigs are
increasingly hard for me. And look what I missed! Argh! Bill himself nearly
missed it, due to having to drive me home.

I really would have loved to have been there to see those awards accepted.

Congratulations to everyone, though! I'm so proud of you all!

Now... back to smelling springers in the air-- when we going, Bill? I
can't wait to get the big boat out and start in! Is it too early? Probably!
But, who cares? I can dream, can't I?



how much Grandpa's Tackle box weighs!

Also, please be aware of this new drive to "Take a Soldier
" There are tons of opportunities! This
is a new one
, that I just heard about, today.

Also, see Rivers of Recovery
and Nalu's
on the Salty Dogs! See! You have no excuse not to help this
awesome movement! We may not be able to join forces with the Army/Navy/Air
Force/Marines, but we can join forces on our rivers!
Bill Monroe's article on it, too!

Remember this?
It's so violent! I can't believe my Grandma used to
tell me that at bedtime!
Click here for morning
coffee on the river!

If anyone knows the story, the fairytales, long ago told which included
the characters placing flour on the ground to catch their prints, let
me know!

Oh, and here is me
to land and film a steelie!

How bout this one? Caught
me a tree!


So, I was off to see my Dad, but then a member decided to
ruff up the board a bit, so I've been home, trying to fix the damage done.

Frustrating. Every time I try to go visit my Dad, it seems something holds
me back. Or fishing, or whatever... I don't know, it just seems like ifish
takes a bunch of time, but always at inopportune times!

Yesterday it was me, causing problems. I kind of had the day off, but
because I didn't go anywhere, I tried to "help" the moderators.
But, I seemed to goof up at every turn. Some days are just like that.

Anyhow, I'm caught up, so I'm going to go shower, and then go see my Dad.

Poor Kilchy sees my suitcase and gets all sad about it. He knows things
that dogs shouldn't know! He actually understands words and actions that
some people don't! He's truly my soul brother!

I can't wait to fish for Springers and I'm going to, soon! Bill went with
Dudley yesterday. I couldn't for many reasons, but one was that my INR
was too high. I am praying right now that it's not too high, today. Even
though it was high yesterday, I accidentally took my coumadin, anyhow.
Yikes! That means that should I get in a car accident, that I could bleed
a bunch. Like... too much! (How can I say that without being gross? LOL)
But, it's worth it! You know, having an artificial valve, we have to be
really careful, so coumadin it is!

I'm rambling... I gotta get outa here and go see my Dad. That will make
me smile.



Bill pulled this out of his Grandpa's fishing stuff!

Can you even imagine risking your rod tip? Yikes!

On our discussion
board, here.

My son is all upset over not getting to go to his annual
concert this year at Coachella. It's being live broadcast, starting in
the late afternoon, here. Those
who love good rock will enjoy this. I would have loved to have gone last
year, due to Paul McCartney... but the heat is just too much for this

But, when Tammy and I dropped them off, the teenager in me got all excited.
Will I ever grow up? It just looked SO fun!

The guys bought a cheapo tent and some water color paints and had everyone
join in, painting it. It was SO cool! Still is!

Thing is, I think he should be thankful that he EVER got to go. I think
he is... but you know how kids are.

But, I have been enlightened, recently. I had an epiphany. It was regarding
the "rush" you get when you buy something, or even look forward
to something. You know, the feeling you get when you get to shop? (At
least for me, that is exciting!)

OK. I find that when I am feeling down, I like to go, shopping online.
I don't even have to "buy" anything, but it helps me feel better
to find things that I like. I fall into a dream world of hitting the "Buy
now" button. It's fun for me to need something and to go shopping
for it. I get a rush and it usually chases away the blues.

But you know what? That's a "feeling". I am in charge of my
feelings, right? So, I can own that feeling any time I want!

Bill was teasing the other day when he said that perhaps when he gets
his new truck, he'll be "happier".

I remember once, shopping with Andrew at Costco. I turned to him and said,
"Andrew... I'm going to find something in this store that will make
me happy for the rest of my life!" I was kidding, of course, but
part of the funny in that, is that there is a slice of truth in there,

We are a "buy happy" Nation.

But-- you don't have to buy! We already own the right to the rush! That
happiness can be turned on anytime we want!

I tried to explain this to Bill, and he didn't get it. I couldn't explain
it very well, I guess. I said, "Just pretend you have your truck
already!" He laughed. I still wonder if he thinks I'm crazy. (Uh

I don't know, but to me, it helps that I figured that out. Now I can chase
my blues away any old time I want to! I'm in control!

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and wonder why I'm so happy. It's because
the night before, I pretended I was going to Hawaii next week! LOL! Whatarush!

Thing is, though, people with lots of money lose that happiness. I was
most joyful at a time when I had NO money. I remember the thrill of having
enough money to buy COMET once, to clean my sink. But folks who have enough
to buy anything they want, lose that happiness and soon seem to fill the
rehab clinics, and are on anti depressants.

Moral of the story is, don't get into that trap. Money and things don't
"buy" happiness. We all know that, but have you ever really
thought it through? I hadn't!

It's Springtime. the ringy-dingy-ding time...

Birds sing! Hey ding!

And oh, do they! I'd forgotten, as I do most seasons, how much I love
Spring! But, springtime is so great! I missed my grosbeak! I missed my
buzzy hummies! But-- this year is a bit different! It's not quite so hectic
and it makes me worry that all of those studies I read about might be
true. Are the backyard birds diminishing? Oh, no! I would hate to believe
it. I'd said "Oh, posh!" to that in the past, but man alive...
I used to have so many hummies this time of year, but this year they are

I was so worried about my swallows, too! I finally had Bill take down
their favorite nest and clean it. Sure enough, two days later they swarmed
us! I think they liked it! Now, they are busy building a nest and each
morning I get to watch them fighting over who gets to have their babies
there, this year.

I won a "bird feeder" package at the Steelheader's banquet.
How perfect for me! In it, was a little thistle feeder that has suction
cups to stick on my window. I placed it in my office window. It's so funny!
It's meant for finches, silly! Not you big grosbeaks! They keep attempting
to use it, but they won't fit! So funny! Grosbeaks are clowns!

I ordered a cold frame from a retailer on the internet and spent the morning
putting it together. It's so awesome! It's
here, if you want to take a look.
Thing is, though, it's not high
enough for my tomato plants. So... I have this great idea! I'm going to
dig a hole in the garden to fit the width and length of it, and then it
can house plants that grow taller. Yay! I'm a genius! I was going to have
it on my deck, but this just works better. It will be for that, and for
growing tiny plants to later be transplanted into the big garden.

Bill and I had a minor tiff over the fact that he snuck Round Up into
my garden. Not sure if I even want to "go there" in my column,
but I'm so ticked! Why in the world would we grow vegetables if the produce
will be exactly what you can buy? I wanted my veggies clean! Dangit. So,
I spent days researching articles where they are finding Roundup to be
a lot more dangerous than they thought. Bill actually took the articles
seriously! Even though they were just from the internet! He is starting
to believe me! Yay! But, as for our garden, it's yellow and already "poisoned".
He'd laugh at me for saying that, but I do feel that way! So, for me,
this year, and maybe years to come, it's going to be raised beds and not
in our garden. Makes me sad, but if I'm going to do the work to grow produce,
then it's going to be "clean" or as clean as I'm able!

No, I don't like to weed, either, but the whole reason I do, is to eat
produce that I know isn't poisoned!

Alright, enough of that. I sure hope Bill doesn't read this! I'm tired
of going back and forth about it! It is what it is.

Gardening on the coast is pretty iffy, anyhow. We don't have a good growing
season, but there are things that turn out pretty good!

I can't wait to knock on my kids window and say "Berry fairy!"
and hand them juicy berries from the garden!

It's springtime! The ringy ringy ring time!

Sweet lovers.... argue about Roundup!

Oh! Lookee there! The UPS man is here! Happiness, delivered! (I'm learning,
but not quite there, yet!)


Oh, there's sunshine in my soul today!

(and it's a darn good thing because I can't find it in the weather!!)

I maintain my happiness by looking forward to things. Even
the littlest of things. Right now I can't wait till the coffee is done,
and by just thinking about it, it gives me satisfaction, a happy feeling!

I watch for my freesia to bloom every day. I watch for my orchids to grow
a new leaf or a new mitten like growth that means it will bloom, again!

I can't wait to fish for Springers with Bill Monroe, next week! I can't
wait for Springers on the coast!

There is always good on the horizon.

I can't wait to get the ladder out and clean my windows, upstairs. Then,
I'll be able to see the river better, and when the sunshine comes out
and shines on them, I won't be grossed out!

You can choose to look for good things, or choose not to notice. Happiness
is up to us, really. It's all in our outlook. I 'look out' for happiness!
I'm on constant watch. It's a valuable thing, that happy feeling.

I can always tell when I'm desperate for happiness when I stoop to ordering
something off of ebay. LOL. That's when I can tell that I need to adjust
my vision. I'm so blinded by frustration or whatever, that I've lost sight
of the small but very good things that naturally come my way.

I know for a fact that if I'd only take away what is blinding me, there
are plenty of good things right around me! I don't need to buy things!
For heaven's sake! But, I'm only human and I am female! I love to shop!

I got a toe ring in the mail, yesterday and although it is very pretty,
I still got a bigger dose of the happies out of a new leaf on my orchid.
It happened while I was gone! Oh! A dose of endorphins ran through me
like no ebay could ever create!


I was just out on a walk, but it was too cold! "I can't wait for
Spring" I heard myself thinking... and just then, I was warmed by
how nice it is to look forward to things and how happy those thoughts
make me. How they comfort me.

As soon as I pictured the sunshine, me in flip flops wading in the river,
a wash of sunshine came over me. And I don't mean that the clouds parted
and the chill left my bones. It didn't. But, there was sunshine in my

The longer we wait, sometimes, the better! How long have we been longing
for sunshine? For Spring? Seems forever!

How long did we wait for Springer Season? Forever! But, you know the weirdest
thing? The Springers came and in unbelievable numbers this year!

Yet, I can't remember a time that we have had so much fighting on the
board, regarding them! Instead of being thankful for them, instead of
realizing our tremendous good fortune, people are wanting them all to
themselves! It's unreal! There are years when folks look forward to this
season and end with only one and they are thankful! But, this year, nearly
everyone is getting one, and new people are becoming interested and folks
that have plenty, want more and more, and want these new people the heck
out of here!

Totally bizarre thinking, but it happens! When we want something so badly,
and get a lot of it... Take for example a lottery winner... the happiness
escapes them!

I have been trying for years to grow a good batch of freesias. I'm so
grateful when I get a bloom! I'm so excited about it! My freesia have
been eaten by predators and get rotten in the ground. Not sure why I have
so little luck, but usually I do. They just aren't good at the coast,
or something. But, this year, I threw all of my freesia bulbs in a bucket
of pete moss for holding until I could plant them. Guess what? I went
back to plant them and they were all sprouted and healthy and had huge
root systems! I was so excited! I won the freesia lottery! (And I learned
something, too!! Grow your bulbs in pete moss!)

I planted them, and each day I'm amazed to see them doing so well. I planted
them in half pete moss and half potting soil. They are happy so far and
so far, so am I! But-- it scares me! Since I have such a bounty, will
my joy leave me? Will I become so accustomed to them so healthy, will
I become selfish, or have whatever happened on the fishing board, happen
to me? Am I going to get nasty and say awful things to others? LOL...
If someone comes over and discovers them, will I hide them and/or tell
them to get the heck out of my freesia garden and to go learn to grow
them all by themselves? That it takes years to learn, so they have no
right? Will I delete the info above about how to grow them in pete moss,
scared that someone else will get more blooms than I?

I don't think so... but whatever greed that takes over people's being,
I don't want to catch it! And it does seem catching!

Frankly, I've felt that fishing greed before, and it's an evil mistress.
Once, I found a secret hot spot and I had it all to myself. It was on
the Hammond jetty. They had made a mistake in the regs, and although I
can't quite remember quite what it was, it read that you could keep 5

I had a bunch of frozen bait, but I ran out. I went to get some bait at
the local tackle store.

Next day I got up to go get my fish and the entire jetty was lined with
fishers! Oh, me oh my!

Everyone from my pastor to my banker was out there! LOL. But, you know
what? I just said what the heck, found a rock to sit on, and joined in.
I had MORE fun for the rest of that season than I had ever had alone.
(In fact, I found a new hot spot, too!) I met lifelong friends, that week!

I really feel that each one of us has the right to our rivers, our streams,
our fish.

The more people that enjoy the bounty of fish we have this year, the more
people that will be passionate enough to reach out and help us to maintain

I find it interesting that often those very people who feel that the fish
are all theirs, are the ones who complain that no one goes to meetings.

I don't know. I guess there is no real answer to the "Do you post
everything on the internet?" I mean, it's just like everything else.
It just keeps getting bigger as the world grows.

That's why I'm making this very simple request to all of you out there.
Look towards little things for your happiness and you will always be satisfied.
Satisfied and happy.

I think the reason I love to fish is because I am constantly looking forward
to that bite. I sit there all day and wait and wait and it makes me happy
just dreaming about when it will happen! I can't wait!

I have always maintained that the quest is best. I used to laugh about
that when I was younger and on the lookout for cute guys. I loved the
quest. I wasn't so hot at maintaining relationships, and I didn't really
want to. I just liked to hunt for dates! It was far better, in my mind,
than the steady date thing.

Right now, I'm on the quest for that fresh cup of coffee, but in the long
range hunt, I'm on the quest for happiness. Long term, even. (Man, have
I ever changed!)

A steady even keel. I know that we can't be happy all the time. Without
sadness, without all of our emotions, we wouldn't know the difference,
or appreciate what happiness feels like!

I want to feel them all! I do! But, on the way, I keep myself balanced,
maintaining a constant search, a constant quest, a constant "I can't
wait" so that even when I'm sad, I can still look touch base with
happiness as I look forward.

In between fishing trips, life can be extremely difficult. So, maintain
that long and arduous battle with a good dose of happiness by always remembering
all of the small things that make you happy. Look forward to those, especially
when life is tough. It makes the going alot easier for me!

Oh, there's sunshine in my soul today,

More beautiful and bright

Than you'll find in any earthly sky,

Oh, there's springtime in my soul today,

For when my Lord is near,

The dove of peace sings in my heart,

While the peaceful, happy moments roll;

When the dove of peace sings in my heart,

There is springtime in my soul.

Oh, there's gladness in my soul today

And hope, and praise, and love,

For blessings which He gives to me,

For joys laid up above.

Oh, there's sunshine in my soul today!


I don't like to sound like a holy roller.

I have to say though, that after being gently reminded, that there is
but one very awesome thing that I "can't wait for" that gives
me the most joy. It's what sustains me, always.

That would be my place reserved in Heaven.

I've been close enough to death, (in fact, I was right at the gate!) to
know that I have no fear where death is concerned.

Not that I'm in any hurry. I just have no fear and I have no sadness regarding

At least, the death of me. It's the people who are left on earth who have
to feel sadness. I mean, I'm so afraid for when my loved ones go, because
I'll miss them so much!

Heaven doesn't have that sadness!

I know as an unquestionable fact that Heaven is a place where there is
no sadness and that is where I am going when I leave, here.

Can you imagine? How awesome is that!

People worry about things like missing their loved ones or not getting
to see their Grandchildren, or ask questions like, "Will my pet be
there?" "Are there fish there to fish for?"

But-- these are unanswerable questions, and things I am not concerned
with because there is no sadness in Heaven! So, fear
not! Be at peace! I have faith that there is a GOOD answer for these things.
Imagine a place where everything is good!

Isn't that awesome? Makes me giddy!

How petty it sounds that I need a dang toe ring(!!) to satisfy my need
for happiness when there is a place that I will one day go, that will
take away any need for such silliness! Whoo hoooo!

But my Father understands me and my silliness.

This faith is something that 'just is' for me, and I have such deep faith
in Him, that it goes without saying and thus, went without writing!

I should realize, however, that there are people that don't think this
way, so I thought I should mention that yes... the biggest, most awesome
thing in the whole wide world, that keeps me
ticking, that keeps me positive, that keeps
me glowing, is the fact that I am saved from worry and stress through
the love and promises of our Heavenly Father.

OK. Now I sound like a holy roller!

I do talk about God once and a while, like above, but I prefer to show
my love for God by smiling, by being happy, by singing, by being silly,
by being kind and loving, by being at peace.

I fail, often, but I try!

Shame on me for sharing my life frustrations with my friends and my fellow
mods when I do. I do that! Yes, I do. I will work on that!

But- do me a favor. Look, today, for people that are happy. You'll know
they are Christians by their love! Really! That's more than just a song!

The other day I was at the bank and I walked up to this lady that I just
love. She's always kind, always helpful, always has a smile. I blurted
out, like an idiot, "You are a Christian, aren't you?!"

I knew it! I knew it! And of course, she was!

Dang, I was glad she said yes! How embarrassing if she would have whacked
me up side the head, or something, but she was, and she was gracious as
always, in saying so.

I hope that I show others that I am a Christian by my love.

And that is my prayer, today. I'll work on it. :)


I'm off to go fishing! Yes, me! Jennie! Fishing! Remember
when I used to fish all the time? I'm trying to reinvent that, somehow!
See what
I had for dinner?


The reason I haven't written is because I'm having a snit
about the rainy weather.


But... there is good in rainy weather!

I just went outside to fill my bird feeders and the sun came out! As I
filled them, I sang, "The sun will come out, tomorrow..." You
know that song?

The swallows dive bombed me as I intruded into their territory. The bird
feeders are near their favorite home, nailed to the wall. Dang, they come
close when they dive bomb me! Yikes! It's kind of fun! The kind of thing
that makes me nervously giggle.

I have been blessed with the discovery of thistle bags! At the NW Steelheaders
banquet, I bid on a bird basket full of bird goodies. Inside, I found
this netting thing. I thought it was just packing, but no! It's a thistle
bag! I have two of them!

It's just white netting made of cotton. I found some on the internet,
but they are green. Just look at your local bird shop, or ask for a thistle
bag! My goldfinch are so happy! They crowd on this little bag like mad!
Upside down, downside up! I have had up to 15 goldfinch on one bag! It's
so fun! I'd like to hold it and feel the flurry of feathers in my hands!

We have goldfinch, hummingbirds and grosbeak, mainly. A few purple finch,
a few red winged blackbirds and very few leftover winter junco and chickadee.
They are all delightful!

You know, I am sick of the rain. I am! But, as it poured the
other day, I went for a walk. I gave in. The rain was falling on the thick
canopy of green and it sounded like jungle rain! It was rather wonderful,

I just miss the warm and muggy feeling of rain in the spring. It's cold
out! When will it warm up?

My orchids are both shooting out spikes or flowering spikes. Not sure
yet which, but I'm excited about it!

My freesia are doing really well! I have more than ever!

I planted some seeds but they aren't even sprouting. I lean over to look
and listen and all I see is dirt. I can hear their tiny voices saying,
"Brrr, Mom! Not yet!" They are blanketed in the soil, waiting
for "tomorrow". You know, when the sun comes out.

I have one single asparagus shooting out of the ground! Just one! Bill
and I will split it for dinner! One bite for Bill. One for me. Proud parents,
we are!

I was so afraid that my rhubarb gave up the ghost this year, but I do
have two shiny, rubbery leaves coming out.

My berries have blooms. Strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. Yay!
I can't wait!

Just about all the signs are here. All but the sun and the warmth... and
the steelhead redds! None! I keep watching for them, thinking my vision
must be poor, but Bill can't see them either! Is it too early? I don't
think so? I'll look at my journal from past years, but I think, perhaps
they have found a different place further upstream. There was good escapement
this year, so they are probably way up there. I miss that! I take my chair
out each day, in hopes that I'll find a redd to watch while the dogs play.
I change my plain lenses for my sunglasses. It doesn't matter. They just
aren't there!
Spring is here!

Why doesn't my heart go dancing?

Spring is here!

Why aren't the redds entrancing?

I go out, anyhow, and that's what we are off to do, now.

Think sunshine! Please! If we see it in our minds hard enough, perhaps
our hearts will go dancing!!

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