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Thinking about going out tomorrow for a little salmon fishing. Anybody getting any species other than coho. Last week a friend released two chinooks in the river near buoy 10 - both around 20 pounds - kinda tears your heart out. He can't wait for Wednesday. I'll be looking for Mr. Nooky tomorrow. Hooknook - out.
There are chinook down south mixed in with the coho, 46 06 124 06 really has been hot for us. We've had keeper chinook right off the surface, at 80 pulls with a diver, and at 160 feet with a downrigger. We do best spotting a school of chinook 180 feet below the surface fish, especially with the big schools of salmon and bait fish near the surface. Downrigger down to them works best. And big herring working best, inserted into rotary bait killers.

Had a large one on last Thursday, couldn't budge him, felt like a log except we got head shakes every now and then, started running out of line and tried to turn the boat cause we couldn't back down, really rough seas that day and we caught it on a north troll, so I really started trying to haul in and... ripped hooks out of mouth.

But there are so many hatchery coho out there, and some have run way bigger than the chinooks, so we've just been happy getting all those 30 inch plus hatchery coho.

When are they going to up the limit to 3 per day? They should, they're going to be fertilizer if they make it to the hatchery and I've never seen it so hot or easy limits in the ocean in the last 4 years.

At 22 dollars a pound in the market, these fish are silver/gold!

Headed back down to hit it hard soon.

Good Luck
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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