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Thinking about going out tomorrow for a little salmon fishing. Anybody getting any species other than coho. Last week a friend released two chinooks in the river near buoy 10 - both around 20 pounds - kinda tears your heart out. He can't wait for Wednesday. I'll be looking for Mr. Nooky tomorrow. Hooknook - out.
When looking for the nooke it all about the spin of the bait and matching the bait with the area. When using spinners or spoons it becomes a mater of matching the right collers with water and light conditions. Bait is easier and is usualy more preductive. If you are in the longbeach area and water conditions allow try in front of longbeach where fresh water runs in. Also look in the twenty to thirty foot depth especialy if you see bait working as is often the case in this area.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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