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I dropped some crab pots in the bay today, they will probably live there until the commercials get to go. Lots of chances for the theives to take the pots between now and then :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: They will be cycled several times a week.

To try and aleviate the current from washing my pots to sea, I keep them out of the channels and put on my devices that hopefully dig in should the pots start to wash. I think a single straight piece of rebar would work, but I have a little angle iron welded on that should hold a little better if it digs in the sand.

I put these on the back of the pot, opposite side of where the rope ties on, so they are like a tail dragger. They seem to keep my pots from moving much with these big tide swings. Dont make them to long, or they will lift the pot off the bottom to far and move your doors up making it hard for crabs to get in.

Zip ties make it easy to remove them when I dont need them and am just crabbing for the day. They are a little rough on the boat deck if I left them on all the time.

Just an option for those that keep losing pots :cool:

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I definitely use a line anchor. My Pots never move
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