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Lots of Fisherman and gals, Not to many fish being taken.
Fished Friday evening, hooked 2 lost boath,
Saturday fished, all day (Browns Hole) hookes 2 lost 1, the secount was hooked around 2:00 afternoon, Fish/wild life was watching as I finaly stoped the fish from going back to the cloumbia river, kept it in the Browns Hole by luck only.
To make this short, I never saw the fish but my laimaglas keni spicial was bent to the point I thought it was going to snap, (the last one snaped on a fish like this one).
Fish/wild life guy was up on the road and said dont loos this one he must be in the 30 pound range as he watched it shake it's head untell it through the hook.
Well for this weekend (1) 16 pounder.
lost 3, so the fish are stell comming in,
Next weekend-----TIME TO TAKE A BREAK
Will follow up with another report when I go back ON THE 30th.
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