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AMBASSADUER REELS Identification and Date Codes

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I have an Ambassaduer Reel that some people keep trying to talk me into selling.
I wouldn't because it has always been such a smooth and dependable reel.
I don't know how to identify it or the date code?
It is a 6500C.
It is silver with a black handle and round black knobs.
Even the star drag and thumb screws and end cap are black.
The end cap is metal.
I will attach pictures of my reel.
Any help would be appreciated.


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Foot shows it to be a 1989? It is the first version of the rounded side covers after 1980, because it has the four star drag wheel, instead of five. Why would you get rid of that? If anything, I would upgrade the clutch to get rid of the release return springs and install some Carbontex drag washers. It'll be as good or better than a new one. 馃檪
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I am keeping the reel and will find out about the drag upgrade.
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