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I am a fishing guide here in the valley and most of my time is spent on the north santiam. On sunday my pickup and trailer was stolen from packsaddle park. The trailer was recovered a few hours later. My pickup was recovered that night around 1am on lewis and clark road.

The truck was completely emptied of all personal belongings business cards, photos, and other stuff that piles up in a vehicle. One item that will stand out like a sore thumb if someone is trying to fence it is my Green Five C's drift boat cover for a 17' willie. It is about 10 years old and shows wear with a hole in the nose where the bow has rub through and a couple of the double stiched seams are only singles now. I just wanted to get this out so if anyone sees any ads or someone tries to sell this that they could call me at (Deleted-- please contact Jennie and I'll send it on, as phone numbers on the web aren't a good deal.) or the clatsop county sherrif reference case #20072423, marion county case #0717944.

Erik Smith
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