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Afternoon Astoria Report 6/16

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Decided to take the afternoon off and run to Astoria (don't tell my boss). We started fishing around 2:30 after stopping by Sturgeon Paul's to confirm how late we could fish and still have them clean'em...

Out of Warrenton fishing in 20 ft of water, we had our first fish on in about 5 minutes. Set the hook, fish was there, could feel the weight (not a small fish) pulled a couple times and came loose.

Second fish was my dad's, he has a knack for waiting until the fish has swallowed the hook to set it. In the boat it goes, 44 inches and 22 lbs.

By this time the wind is picking up and we are losing the tide so after the bite slows down I tell my dad it is time to move. I reel in, then he begins to, next thing I know his rod is bent in half.. I take the hand-off and try to muscle in this fish. It never makes any long runs just constant weight on the rod. Finally get it to the boat and it is our biggest keeper, over 50 inches and 30+ lbs.

Pull anchor and head back to Sturgeon Paul's. All in all it took us about 2.5 hours to limit the boat. Saw a couple guides who had a hard day. The wind was awful, and we were lucky to get our fish and see any bites with as bad as the boat was moving.

That makes 5 keepers brought home in the past 2 trips. Not too bad for my rookie year out at Astoria!!!

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Nice job. Will be headin back out thursday to try the flats. what was today's choice in baits?
For the second time in a row, smelt was the go to bait for me. I did have a bite on anchovies, but it is hard to keep the flounder off of them...

I would bring both, and put a different one on each rod.

I have put 2 keepers in the boat this season by starting to reel in and check bait or just reeling in a little to get away from a sculpin, and having a sturgeon rudely hammer it. Both fish struck so hard and suddenly that I almost lost a rod on one :shocked:

And that is why I love estuary sturgeon!
Good job guys. I like that area and it can be VERY productive at times. Sturgeon in the estuary will hit bait on the move. I have caught fish this year with live chovies in their throat.

5 keeps in two trips, not bad brother. I may have some competition(sp?) here in the next couple of years.

5 years and 5 trips so far with at least one keeper to the boat. Worst day being 1 keep and 3 shorts, best day being 17 keeps and a dozen shorts. Man I love estuary sturgeon, aint nothing better in my book........
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