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Wow that brings back memories. I learned that type of ethics from my father.
A quick story about what I learned.
I was hunting deer for the first time and I had a doe/antlerless tag. My dad and I went to the area I had the tag for, two days before the end of the general season but did not find a buck. The first day of the doe season we took off for our hike and about 9:00 am we came across three deer. My dad said the middle one is th bigest but let me chck before you shoot. He then told me to tke it. I shot and down it went. My dad was so proud of me. We walked over to the deer only to find it was a spike. My dad was devistated because he had told me to shoot. The ears covered the spikes and the deer never turned and looked at us and we were excited to get a deer and didn't take more time to look. I didn't know what to do but vomit. My dad looked at me and said we need to go find Sig, we knew the game warden, and tell him what happened. We went to town and found the Marshel and he told us to go gut it and he would send the warden up to our camp. We hiked back and gutted the deer and then wated for the warden. He hiked up with us and we drug it out. We sat in camp and the warden wrote me an $825 ticket and took the deer. He was more upset that he had to do that to me but he has a job to do. My dad was in tears. The warden let me keep my tag and incoraged me to go find another deer. I was done! Three weeks later we went back to go to court. We met eith the judge in his chambers and he could not stop talking about the fact that he has never had anyone in his chambers that was as willing to admit to a mistake. We ended up paying $25 only because the judge said he had to charge us for the paperwork.
As will that young hunter, I will never forget that incident. My dad is now gone and I tell that story to all that I hunt with.
I hope we can continue to pass on this type of ethics to all new hunters.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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