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Many of you probably know Terry Brokaw. He was with South River Marine before that whole operation came tumbling down. Then he was over at North River for a period of time.

Now, he's doing his own thing here in the Portland Area. This guy I beleive to be the best Yamaha Mechanic in town but he also works on Mercs, Evinrudes, Johnsons, Volvo Penta, etc.

I had him doing some work on my Yami this AM and Terry knew immediately what problems needed to be diagnosed and had it Purring in no time.

Since he doesn't work out of a shop...yet, he's "Mobile". I met him at Meldrum Bar but he'll go anywhere. Heck, he even went to Hammond to work on my friends Yamaha while it was in the water.

Bottom Line..great guy, excellent mechanic and a fair price.

(EDIT)If you'd like more information, please e mail me. Contact information for non sponsors is not allowed. (broken record Jennie....)


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