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Started at 0400 at Rdgefield. Coworker pulls in with his dual axle trailer with a blown tire, it was shredded. He didn;t have a spare on the trailer as it is not to old. But he has some property not to far from us so he went up and robbed his driftboat of a tire... Did some tin bending and replaced the tire and we were on the way. Saw one ifisher pull through the lot at ridgefield as i was standing in front of buddy's boat.

We were an hour late picking up another coworker in longview, but he got some extra rest.

We hit the 10 line at 0800, and would have had limits by 1000 if i wasn't trying to cracker every darn fish that hit my herring.
I crackered off 12 fish before getting to keep one. We had one fish try to jump in the boat, and if he would have had 6 inches more on his jump he would have made it.... So for the day we had 18 fish on 5 kept.

We kept 4 beautiful coho from 10-12 pounds and 1 little chinook about 8 pounds.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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