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Okay, heres the deal. I don't duck hunt like i once used to. So I'm getting rid of all this stuff to help finance my Blacktail trip to Alaska. All the decoys and waders are used but in great shape. The decoy bags are great and all the lead and cords are in perfect order.

I would like $400 OBO for all the decoys.

Cash Talks... So make an offer... I want this stuff gone please.

The Duck Decoy List

Bag #1:

2 dozen Flambeau standard Mallards water keel (12d/12h)
With 6’ tangle free cord and 3 oz. tear drop weights.

Bag #2:

1 dozen Flambeau standard Mallards weighted keel (6d/6h)
20’ black cord and 4 oz cannonball weights.

Bag #3:

1 dozen Carry-lite standard Pintails weighted keel (6d/6h)
With 20’ black cord and 4 oz cannonball weights.

Bag #4:

1 dozen Carry-lite super magnum Pintail weighted keel (6d/6h)
With 20’ black cord and 6 oz strap weights.


A couple of these dekes are a little beat up... mostly the ones I've found over the years. A couple are like new.

2 Flambeau Super magnum drake Mallards weighted keel
Both with 20’ black cords and 6 oz strap weights.

1 G&H standard drake Mallard weighted keel
With 4’ cord and 5 oz tear drop weight

1 G&H magnum hen Widgeon or Pintail weighted keel
With 10’ cord and 6 oz strap weight

1 Carry-lite standard drake Mallard weighted keel.
With 6’ cord and 4 oz cannon ball weight

2 Flambeau (old style) standard Mallards 1 hen & 1 drake water keel. Both with 6’ cords and 3 oz. tear drop weights

1 Flambeau standard drake Wood duck water keel.
With 6’ cord and 3 oz tear drop weight.

Motion Decoys:

1 G&H super magnum drake Pintail “Wonder Duck”
Flapping wings with paddles
Cord and weight

2 Herters standard ultimate Mallards 1 drake & 1 hen “Quiver ducks”With 6’ cords and 3 oz tear drop weights

Duck Shells:

1 dozen Sport-Plast Mallard field shells (size of standard goose shells), heads are part of the shell, all one piece. 6 drakes upright, 6 hens feeding. With 12 metal spreader/spinner stakes.

2 old (???) individual drake Mallard shells with detachable swivel heads. They’re the size of standard goose shells.


1 pair of Cabla's Ultimate Hunting wader.
Size mens 10 Reg.
M.O. Shadow grass camo
They're practacally brand new. They're are to tall on my chest and just dont fit me good.
$170 brand new

Here's what Cabela's says:

The entire outer layer of our Ultimate Hunting Wader is now made with Armor-Flex™, a material that is as tough as steel without sacrificing the stretchability, superior fit and freedom of movement neoprene provides. Armor-flex™ actually combines the tough, durability of nylon by weaving stretch lycra and the 1,000-denier nylon, truly the best of both worlds. The neoprene straps are contoured to conform to your body. And the no buckle suspender system stays out of the way when shouldering your gun. A specially designed chest pocket serves as a place to warm cold hands and contains a separate pouch for shells and other hunting accessories. The 5mm neoprene construction keeps you dry and incredibly warm in the coldest conditions. Inside the boots, a layer of 1,000-gram Thinsulate™ Ultra insulation traps your body's natural warmth, keeping your feet toasty in ice- cold water. Bob-cleated outsoles bite into the thickest and softest mud for exceptional traction.

$75.00 firm


A pair of Hodgmen Womens dark green stocking foot waders size medium regular. I believe they're 3mm. And some really nice leather and cordura size 8 wading boots with felt soles. The boots are really nice and I'm assuming are mens size. My wife just doesn't use them any more.

$25.00 obo

Oh I almost forgot, I can take some digital pics for anyone who needs them. Its just a lot of stuff to take pics of. And I'm having trouble finding my USB cord for the camera.

Just let me know if ya want pics of any of the items.

Thanks for looking:cheers:
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