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Re: 2 or 4 stroke for 25\' open sled

If you want to run both pump and prop on an outboard without changing the motor mount, you have to have a Bay Kit. A Bay Kit is a 5" shaft extension for the motor. So...

26" Transom: 20" Motor (Long Shaft) + Pump or 20" Motor, +Bay Kit+Lower Unit.

31" Transom: 25" Motor (Extra Long Shaft)+ Pump or 25" Motor+Bay Kit+Lower Unit.

Jack Plates can be used in leiu of Bay Kits to adjust actual motor height instead of adjusting shaft length.

12-degree will run a pump just as well as a 10-degree (ask Dave McCann, Grant Putnam, or Jack Smith---all run 12-degree boats on the lower Deschutes)

Hope that helps.
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