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Re: 2 or 4 stroke for 25\' open sled

For whts it's worth.
Think about going with the 23ft pro-vee instead of the 25ft.
I did and couldn't be happier. I choose the 200hp merc. far better fuel ecomomy then the 250 and with the extra cost of the 225 over the 200 you get very little extra ummp.
Also keep in mind that the new pump has a stainless steel impellor and more pitch then the old pumps. This develops more pressure so the boat performs " mo better"
I stepped up from a 21ft too the 23 this time after looking very hard at both the 24ft NR scout. at 12 degree V this is too much to run a pump effectively. The Alumaweld is 10 degree. Maximum vee that "Outboard jet manuf. suggest,
Anyway I'am very happy with the new boat. I've had it since June and it's fins and tails above the old sled.
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