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Things have been kinda messed up for me lately and I haven't been able to get any appreciable fishing time in the schedule. Really hit and miss, mainly miss, for the past few months. Trips have been few and short.

I recently took skrimmy on a quick boat ride.

At least it was for me.

We got a late start and by the time we got to the prime spot we wanted to fish, we really only had a short time to fish. In fact, I really needed to be off the water rather soon. In fact, when we got to this hole I looked at my watch. It read 12:55. I really wanted to be on the road by 3 at the absolute latest.

The skrimaster, armed with such knowledge, wasted no time applying a lethal mixture of ultra secret scent to his lure. He swore me to secrecy as far as the ingredients, but I can assure you of three things;

1) It contained absolutely no carrot products and was not orange by any stretch.

2) It did contain Marie’s Shrimp Oil as a core ingredient

3) This is where it gets dicey – He put something with it that he called “Coyote [stuff]” He swore he got it from a rancher in Eastern Oregon who used to hunt them as varmints, but now hunts them for bait.

Anyway, I got the Willie stationed in the only hole we could find that wasn’t totally crowded – like a typical day on the Cow – and put out my rig as skrimmy applied his magic to his plug. He was also chanting something, though I am not certain what it was. It sounded sorta like, “Mmmmmm, luv ta luv me baby, Mmmmm, luv ta luv me baby.”

He then dropped his rig over the side as I shook my head in disbelief and looked behind at my gear to make sure the boat and we were properly lined up in the slot.

As I happened to glance to my right, I noticed that skrimmy’s rod was bent over in a classic “C” configuration as he nonchalantly mentioned that he had a fish on! It took no more than 20 seconds I swear.

We had pulled in at the very top of a hole, out of the hole really, as there was a guide boat below in the hole itself. The guides and clients looked on in wonderment as skrimmy’s fish took off like the proverbial bat out of Hates.

After a 7minute struggle, this came to the boat:

Can we say chromer, boyz and girls? Wow!

31 pounds of fall hen ‘nook comes to skrimmy.

Now, I figure this is a fluke. I mean any blind mouse can accidently into a vat of cheese once in awhile, right?

So, after landing the fish I motored us upstream back to the top of the run for a second time. I drop my gear in as skrimmy has already put his fish in the box and tagged it. I was expecting big things on my rod any moment, but nothing.

A few moments later, skrim gets back to his rod. Again he puts the magic elixer on his lure and begins the strange chant. “Mmmmmm, luv ta luv ya baby. Mmmmm, luv, ta luv ya baby.” Then he drops his gear over the side. I looked at my watch. It read 1:06. I looked up. Skrimmy was setting the hook!

Oh, my.

The clients in the guideboat asked if I had room as we floated by, as skrimmy, smiling like a Chesire cat, engaged in a classic tug of war with another fall bemouth.

After another expert demonstration of fishing skill, skrimmy brought the second hog to the boat where the net was dipped and this critter was brought in:

Not quite as large at 27 pounds, nor as bright, but this one being a buck was still in very fine shape.

As the fish hit the floor in the Willie, I glanced again at my watch. It was 1:13.

Total fish time:
1 Minute
Total landing time:
14 minutes
Total clock time to fish and limit on Fall Chinook:
15 minutes
Total elapsed time:
18 minutes

After such a performance I was so [insert choice word here]

that there seemed to be no reason to continue fishing. Skrimmy was so busy doing the happy dance – He’s been taking lessons – that the Willie was rocking worse than a 12’ Klamath at Buoy 10.

So, I headed for the ramp where skrimmaster could not resist asking for one more shot of his catch, box bloody but fresh.:

I should mention skrimmy is not a small guy.

All in all a great time, even if I really didn’t get to fish much.

Next weekend I might go Coyote hunting. :wink: Time to check the hunting board!


[ 11-24-2003, 04:56 PM: Message edited by: Hogmaster ]

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wow...nice fish... :cheers: :cheers: :smile: :grin:

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Holy Cow!!

That boat of yours still swims??? :laugh:

Good job men

Glad to see you out and about there "Pig-Daddy".

Nice fish Skrimmy

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Is it true that you have never caught a fish? So when do you have to sell the boat? I will give you a dollar for it but I will sell it back to you cheap. :cheers:

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That will teach me to read my e-mail late in the day on Friday's. Nice fish skrimmy. Are you always the one that catches them?

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That's not Skrimmy, that's Norm off of Cheers. :grin:

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Hogmeister, first of all, thanks yet again for the great trip! And Jokester....you're correct, it wouldn't have happened where it did if not for Hog's vast expertise on the river, not to mention the karma that boat possesses!

It was already a great day on the water, as is any day on the water with Hogmaster. We missed a few earlier pound downs that didn't stick, but were finally able to slide into "that spot". Hey Hog, if that guide boat would have had the right "sauce",(see itme 3) they'd have been out of our way much sooner and we could have gotten off the water earlier! :grin:

It was definitely just being in the right spot at the right time with the right combination, or better put "pure luck". But whatever the case, it sure was a good time. The only thing we were both sure of when we finally slid into that spot, it sure looked fishy.

FallRiverGuy, hey, it was almost as pretty a pair of fish as I got to net for you almost two months ago in Sturgeon Toms boat! Dang, must be something about those Willy boats eh?

Marie, it's certainly not the first time this year your shrimp scent did the trick. Last trip out on the Cow just a few weeks ago, it put a nice little coho into the boat - Hey that was with Hogmaster then too. Was it the scent, or was it Hog's expertise....either way, a good combination

[ 11-24-2003, 01:46 PM: Message edited by: skrimmy ]

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Dang, Skrimmy, you are getting good! Any better, and you'll be as good as me! :smile: :smile: :smile:



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Well I can see my old buddy is at it again and I sat home doing nothing. :depressed: Way to go Skrimmy.
I can see the Hogmaster hasn't lost his touch in where to put the Willie either. :grin:
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