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I just got home from a 1600 mile road trip with my father and nephew. What a trip we had...
I was born and raised in Oregon and in recent years had forgotten what a jewel of a state we have here, and how lucky we are to live in the Pacific NW.

This last December 6th my family lost the most incredible lady in the world to cancer...
That lady was my fathers wife of 50 years and mother to 4 childern and grandmother of 7 and great grandmother of 1 (my neice had her baby shortly after my mother had passed so mom didn't get to meet her 1st great gradchild but she did know a baby was on the was soon)

The road trip was to help my father deal with the loss of mom.... I didn't realize it when the trip was planed how much it would help me.

We started in Boring heading over the mountain (Mt Hood) went into Madras and on to Burns where we spent the night.
On day 2 we went to the Pete French Round Barn and the Diamond Craters area then drove onto the Steens Mountains where we spent the rest of the day enjoying the views and realizing just how small each one of us is in this vast world.
We spent the next day driving to Jordan Valley area and got up the next morning and going down into Leslie Gulch & Succar Creek Canyon... If you have never been there...
We stopped and several more small towns and small cities in Eastern Oregon
Saw several different types of wildlife Some really big muley bucks out of Baker City got them on video but no still shots or I would have posted a pic for everyone too see.

After every incredible thing we saw it always came back to "Boy mom, Grandma or Diane would have loved this"
As a family we have always taken road trips and none of us enjoyed them more than mom..
I miss Mom but I realize she is always with our family no matter where we go... I noticed on this road I stoped studied and just enjoyed things a littler more...

Sorry if I rambled a little to much but that is how I am at times... (Well most of the time)


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I retired out of the Army in 01 and back in the 80s I was introduced to the great NW, so I knew I was going to retire out here. So when I got the new of my mothers pending passing I drove non stop to IL. That was a hard drive in more than one way. Sorry for your loss.

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I'm also very sorry for your loss. No doubt that trip proved very therapeutic for all of you. Best wishes. Don
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