I'll start by saying that I really don't want to sell this boat. We have great memories of using it this last Summer tooling around various lakes and I caught a decent number of salmon from it here in local rivers the last few months. That said, I have a new custom-frame raft being built and this was just to keep us on the water in the meantime while that was being completed. I'm pretty sure there wasn't one trip with this boat that we didn't receive compliments on it.

This is a 13ft heavy duty boat. The floor is 6" thick. It's drop stitched so the floor is essentially a 6" thick inflatable paddleboard...you can stand on it. I put a 1 5/8" OD 6061-T6 anodized aluminum frame on it and best swivel & quick-remove seats you can buy for a raft all from NRS. It has removeable wheels so one person can put in & take out. It has a 55lb thrust electric motor on it and an extension (for coolers, etc) made from the same tubing as the frame and Thermo-Lite board that doesn't interfere with the motor. Also have original bench seats for it.

This boat has only seen around 10 trips total. Purchased in late May 2021. Never been stored uninflated and has always been covered. This puppy can be thrown on the top of an SUV, deflated and transported in the back of most vehicles or towed on a trailer. We wanted a boat that we could toss in the back of our small SUV and go and this worked great.

  • Saturn KaBoat SK385XL w/frame, wheels, removeable swivel seats, original aluminum bench seats, custom rod holder mounts, Scotty rod holders and Scotty anchor lock.
  • 55lb 12 volt Newport vessels motor (battery not included).
  • Small Town Bassin' Carbon Fiber psychedelic performance prop. Supposed to increase power by 20%. Purchased for $75.

All specs and more pics here - 13' Extra Heavy-Duty KaBoat SK385XL for Fishing & Hunting

I have probably $2500 invested in this boat. Asking $1800 with motor & props or $1600 without motor.

No trades. Can deliver.

From the manufacturer:

Saturn Heavy-Duty Inflatable Kayak & Boat Crossover - KaBoat™
New model - Larger 17" diameter tubes for more buoyancy, rigidity, plus fiberglass covered transom.
New, Extra Heavy-Duty 13' long SK385XL Wilderness series Inflatable KaBoats comes with large 16" diameter tubes and spacious interior. That make the SK385XL KaBoat excellent for remote explorations, hunting and fishing in the remote wilderness. This KaBoat model was specifically designed for use in Alaska's shallow rocky rivers. SK385XL lighter and smaller than similar type SK470XL KaBoat, and therefore is easier to handle by one person. Air floor is removable and can be protected with marine carpeting or vinyl flooring from local hardware store against accidental punctures by heavy and/or sharp objects.

SK385XL KaBoat comes with 4 separate air chambers for extra safety, compared to 2 standard chambers of regular sized KaBoats. KaBoat will still be operational even if one of chambers deflates. Extra heavy-duty rub strake protectors are installed along both sides of the tubes for maximum durability.