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Posted by DEEPWATER (Member # 3845) on 03-19-2004, 10:48 AM:

My 10,000 mile springer trip had a successful conclusion. After launching at Kalama I decided to go up river exploring since my only two previous times there, I had gone down river. While waiting for the river to start flowing out, we started trolling down river from the upriver end of Deer Island. About 20 minutes later my son's rod doubled over and started stripping line out. We were ecstatic to see the missing adipose fin when it got near the boat and Jered instructed me to be sure not to miss with the net. As usual I performed flawlessly and put the 16 lb springer in the boat. The fish took a chrome and chartruse Brad's wobbler. A picture will follow when I figure out how the procedure works. When the river was moving fast enough shortly after noon, we anchored downstream of the power plant and put out kwikfish as demonstrated in Silver Hilton's springer fishing 101 class.
An hour later we had a take down that started to stip line. After the preplanned drill of getting the other rods and sea anchor in then drifting down off the anchor line, we were able to stay with the 8 lb native steelhead and bring it to the boat for release before the sea lions moved in. We had another good take down that didn't stick after another hour. Another boat (out of 5 others) nearby caught one springer and had a hard take down that didn't stick. At 3:00 the gill netters started deploying their netting acoss the river and drifting down on us. When they got to within 30 yards above us, they would motor out to clear the end boat then cork us by pulling the net back to the bank once they were 30 yards downriver of us. After this happened 4 or 5 times most of the sport fishers called it quits. The netters had a 15 hour opening until 6:00 am on Tuesday. Since I had travelled so far for this trip, we fished the Tuesday as originally planned. We didn't have any action nor did any of the other fishermen that we talked to. Even the few sea lions that we saw didn't have fish.

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