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I had the pleasure of taking my first ride up by bonnaville dam last thursday. Pescado-on was kind enough to take me. We were up by the oak tree hole sitting next to Dave Johnson(nice guy)
We were using spinners going for salmon. It was very slow. Pescado-on managed to land a steelie,his first ever, a native that was happily sent back to the water. After a few hours we decided to move down river and fish for sturgeon. Not long after we put the bait in the water it was hit after hit. An hour or so later bam Pescado hits one. It was a nice fight. A real fat one. We were both jumping for joy. thought for sure he was long enough. Got out the tape and he was 41 and 3/4
Well just like the rest of my life It was just short. Oh well Just enough to make you come back. Over all alot of shakers and tons of fun. Thanks for the ride pescado-on. We have to set it up again.

Cartman :cheers:
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