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    I was looking at the recently posted data and can’t help but think it’s kinda BS... spend about 20-40 hours on the water in the upper channel each week, from talking to fellow anglers and fish checkers this doesn’t add up.. Am I just smokin something or do I have a valid point? Thanks for input...
  2. Ifish Community
    This last year my friend and I purchased our first more serious boat. A nice 1967 Starcraft. Upgraded the 70hp evinrude to an evinrude 110 with a 7.5 kicker. Looking to bonk our first springer in the Willy. This seems like a pretty awesome community which has the answers to many of the questions...
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  4. Willamette Pig

    Willamette Pig April 2005
1-12 of 12 Results