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  1. Wickiup

    Wickiup Wind & Waves
  2. Wickiup Rainbow2

    Another view of the Wickiup Bow, giving a better idea of the size. The fish's color is not as good as in the first pic, because this was taken somewhat later.
  3. Wickiup Rainbow

    23 inch Bow from Wickiup Reservoir; the largest trout I've ever caught off the bank
  4. Another nice day in Central Oregon

    Fishing Wickiup
  5. Canel Cat trolling for Kokes

    Caught this Cat trolling for koke's on Wickiup
  6. Bald Eagle

  7. Wickiup

  8. Wickiup Lake with fog

    Fog was just lifting at Wickiup Reservoir
  9. Wickiup fish

    A 48 quart cooler with Kokanee
1-10 of 10 Results