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  1. The Salty Dogs
    Any tuna reports from Westport? The CR isn’t looking promising as well as ports to the south. I’ve never ran out of Westport but wanting to get into a few tuna if they are close enough (under 50) Any tips on running out of the marina, tide, wind, etc? Is live bait available? thank you for any...
  2. westport

  3. 9607432_DHWestportWA-25er

    Me with a 25 pound chinook salmon caught 25 miles off of Westport, Washington in the summer. It was the biggest salmon of the day in a mixed coho/chinook fishing trip with a really good skipper who had us mooch and motor mooch herring on 6 and 8 ounce leads...so,so much more fun than this awful dive
1-3 of 3 Results