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  1. Ifish Community
    When I float fish I am using a bobber stop, bead, 1/2oz slip aero-float, bead, egg weights 1/2oz , bead, bobber stop, swivel, fluorocarbon leader, to a 1/8oz jig or egg hook. 1. Do I need a shot pattern on my leader line to get the hook or jig down? 2. how do you cast to prevent line tangle...
  2. Ifish Community
    I'm new to steelhead fishing and have a couple of questions: 1. Does anyone use a clip or a snap at the end of there fluorocarbon leader when float fishing to quickly change jigs and save there leader length? 2. does anyone have an experience with the Okuma Celilo medium light 9'6 ? 3. How...
  3. Great Lakes Steelhead

    GL wild naturally reproducing steel.
1-3 of 3 Results