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spring chinook

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    I was looking at the recently posted data and can’t help but think it’s kinda BS... spend about 20-40 hours on the water in the upper channel each week, from talking to fellow anglers and fish checkers this doesn’t add up.. Am I just smokin something or do I have a valid point? Thanks for input...
  2. Sauvie Springer April 2019

    Sauvie Springer April 2019

    Plunking spring chinook on Sauvie Island's Walton Beach.
  3. Sauvie Plunking Springer 3-24-2019

    Sauvie Plunking Springer 3-24-2019

    Plunking springer, Sauvie Island, 3-24-201
  4. URB SPRINGER 3-24-2019

    URB SPRINGER 3-24-2019

    Plunking Sauvie Island spring chinook
  5. Spring Chinook 4-24-2015

    Spring Chinook 4-24-2015

    Caught on spinner
  6. Spring Chinook 2014

    Spring Chinook 2014

    22lb'r caught 5.16.14
  7. April 15th, last day

    April 15th, last day

    Last day of Columbia River Springer fishing
  8. Springer


    Willow Bar/Columbia River
  9. Columbia River Spring Chinook 2011

    Columbia River Spring Chinook 2011

  10. Spring Chinook 28.9 #

    Spring Chinook 28.9 #

    1995 or so--My old fishing buddy Shaan Hurley with his FIRST-ever salmon, a 28.9 pound 44.5 inch long springer,weighed on a certified scale. This was the longest springer I have ever seen. I was teaching him how to fish lures when this was taken,and on our third trip, he landed this beauty using a l
  11. 1992-spoon-caught chinook

    1992-spoon-caught chinook

    circa 1992- I caught this nice 17.5# Chinook on the Clackamas using an 8'3" Fenwick 6-17 pound spin rod, Shimano Stradic reel, and 5/8 ounce matte silver spoon with chartreuse yellow tape dots and Pro Cure Anchovy scent.
  12. 43.5 spring chinook

    43.5 spring chinook

    43.5 spring chinook from Tillamook bay what a day caught on pink pearl Kwik Fish, Guide Rusty Bell
  13. Jimmy's Limit!!!

    Jimmy's Limit!!!

    Saturday March 27!