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  1. True Temper 945  $20

    True Temper 945 $20

    This is another reel I inherited. It's an oldie, but it sure is smooth. Made in USA!!!!
  2. Shimano TR 100-G $30

    Shimano TR 100-G $30

    Right Hand Reel that I also inherited. I saw the receipt for this at $75 and if it's ever been used, I can't tell.
  3. Daiwa Millionaire II  $20

    Daiwa Millionaire II $20

    Right Hand Reel that I inherited. It's older and has some boat rash, but it is very smooth and has a lot of fishing left in it.
  4. Cabelas Prodigy PR200RH   $30

    Cabelas Prodigy PR200RH $30

    Right Hand Reel that is virtually new. Just never use it. $30 Believe I paid $70 for it.
  5. Ambassadeur 5001B  $50

    Ambassadeur 5001B $50

    Left Hand Reel that has been sitting in my garage unused for way too long.