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  1. Hi Grade '74 Sharps Rifle by C. Sharps Arms

    A high grade '74 Sharps Rifle on display and for sale at C. Sharps Arms in Big Timber, MT.
  2. Montana Armory-C. Sharps Arms

    The front of Montana Armory-C. Sharps Arms, makers of '74, '75 & '77 Sharps Rifles as well as 1885 Winchester HiWall Reproductions, located in Big Timber, MT.
  3. Shiloh Rifle Co.

    A picture of the front of the Shiloh Rifle Co. in Big Timber, MT, makers of quality reproductions of 1870's period Sharps Rifles
  4. '74 Sharps "Big 50"

    A photo of a C. Sharps Arms "Big 50" Heavy '74 Sharps Buffalo Hunting rifle/
1-7 of 7 Results