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  1. Path to Rentenaar Point-Aaron Unit #3

    Another view, wider angle, showing the tangle of emerging Blackberry bushes sprouting up on the way out to Rentenaar Point, Aaron Unit, Sauvie Is. WMA
  2. Path to Rentenaar Point-Aaron Unit #1

    A view looking towards the direction of travel going out the shortest route to Rentenaar Point in Aaron Unit, Sauvie Is. WMA.
  3. Path to Rentenaar Point-Aaron Unit #2

    A photo showing the most direct route (looking back towards the Dike and Parking Lot on the other side) out onto Rentenaar Point in Aaron Unit.
  4. Sparky w/Sprig

    Small dog, nice Duck! Here Sparky's just retrieved a crippled but very alive Bull Sprig.
  5. SiMudBogger & Jeremy Mudhen 4 10-15-07

    SiMudBogger and Jeremy at Mudhen 4 displaying their ducks on what was a pretty slow early season day out on S.I. WMA
1-6 of 6 Results