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  1. Ifish Community
    I’ve done a lot of digging on the subject and can’t find much for answers. A few years ago they shut down the grays river hatchery. As of the last few years they have been collecting the hatchery coho at the weir and transporting them to the Elochoman hatchery to process. What I can’t find is...
  2. Ifish Community
    Just got back from a nice trip to Troy Oregon at the Grande Ronde river. I am hesitant to share, because it's such a nice fishery. Remote. Takes about 7 hours from Portland. Steelheaders helped to put on a basic steelheading fishing class with odfw. Super fun event and great fishing. Caught bull...
  3. Boats and Tackle For Sale
    For sale is a Hewescraft 21ft Searunner. Year is 1993. The main Mercury motor is 2019. The main floor was replaced in 2016. In 2019 we gave it a coat of bedliner as the plastic ruff was getting very frayed. Stored covered in the off season. Well maintained and cared for. Dept finder...
    $20,000 USD
  4. Ifish Community
    Hi! Im Looking for some plunking spots for Ice Harbor Dam! Hoping to catch some salmon on spin n glo’s. I see that Martindale Rd is pretty popular to go up of. Can anyone recommend other spots as well? Are there other spots as well, and on the Burbank side?
  5. Ifish Community
    Hey All, Wife and I bought our own rods to do some salmon fishing. Went plunking around Ringgold near Pasco, WA on the Columbia. But haven’t caught anything. We usually go around 1pm and stay till about 6pm. The problem for us, we’re plunking near the boat launch but our weights get snagged...
  6. Ifish Community
    Hi, I have heard some store bought eggs are decent, and I haven't caught a hen yet. Can anyone recommend any brands of eggs I can buy near me?
  7. Ifish Community
    What size of hooks do you guysvfun on the mini cut plugs. I am thinking of doing a double maybe even a triple hook set up on these. 2/0, 3/0, or maybe a mix of both. What spacing and leader length are you guys using. Thinking of doing the bobber stopper method. Any advice or pics of your set up...
  8. Ifish Community
    My son and I are new to the driftboat world and looking to hit the Cowlitz this weekend. I was thinking of starting at Barrier Dam down to BlueCreek or Massey Bar, what would you recommend for a full day drift? Also is there any issues or water conditions we should be aware of? Thanks in advance
  9. Ifish Community
    I'm looking for some recommendations for a multi use rod for bank fishing Salmon on rivers, (Not the Columbia) I have been looking at rods around the 8-17lb range and 9' 6" in length My budget is $60 to $120 I looked at a couple rods at Sportsmans a Fenwick HMX, an Okuma SST, what are your...
  10. Ifish Community
    Hi, I am in the hunt to custom painted Kwikfish, Brads cut plugs, and Spinfish. I am fairly new to salmon fishing and have yet to catch my first one. I would like some baits that are unique to the ones being sold. Also any tips on colors, patterns, rigging, leader/dropper length would be very...
  11. Ifish Community
    What type of ball bearing snap swivel do you use for casting spoons? I currently use SPRO Ball Bearing Swivels With Coastlock Snaps. Does using a coastlock vs interlock make a difference ?
  12. Ifish Community
    Hey has anybody been down to the mouth of the Umatilla yet with all the rain? im wondering if all the bloom has blown put yet
  13. Ifish Community
    Looking for a good Salmon float rod and came across a Lamiglas 10’6” G1312-T for 150$ In new condition. I can’t find any info on it so was hoping you guys could help. I was using a Okuma guide select pro but I broke it in a raft accident lol. Any recommendations on a different rod would be...
  14. Ifish Community
    Anyone used the RiverTec blinking smart beads yet?
  15. Ifish Community
    Been fishing coho and kings in the ocean and river for years now, and just wanting to get into some of the lake fishing at siltcoos or tahkenitch. Would muchly appreciate any tips on gear to use, and also what part of the lake to target. (Like near shore, or out in the middle; deep as possible...
  16. Ifish Community
    I tried out drift fishing, my setup was 12 pound mono main line to a three way swivel, a clip that I attached pencil weight to and a 3 foot fluorocarbon leader. Does anyone else the problem where your leader line gets wrapped around your mainline? When I would reel in my leader was shorter...
1-16 of 78 Results