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  1. Ifish Community
    What type of ball bearing snap swivel do you use for casting spoons? I currently use SPRO Ball Bearing Swivels With Coastlock Snaps. Does using a coastlock vs interlock make a difference ?
  2. New Members First Cast
    Hi everyone.I am just now getting back into salmon/steelhead fishing after a 20 year hiatus.I live in Southwest Washington between the North Fork and East Forks of the Lewis river.I caught hundreds of steelhead on the East Fork in the 1980s.Now that river is catch and release only so I have...
  3. Ifish Community
    1. What size / type of spoons do you use casting for lake trout from piers? I heard little Cleos 3/4 oz but they look pretty big. Do 3/4 oz Cleos work for steelhead too? Anyone use ko wobblers or moonshine for lakers? Are moonshine spoons more of a night time thing? 2...
  4. New Members First Cast
    So I've been fishing all my life but I got serious probably 4 months ago I don't have a boat I'm off the bank when I fish but I want to know What rigs set up to use while landing Salmon off the bank and where can I go I stay in the Portland area.I really want to fight a Salmon!! Thank you
  5. Ifish Community
    I tried out drift fishing, my setup was 12 pound mono main line to a three way swivel, a clip that I attached pencil weight to and a 3 foot fluorocarbon leader. Does anyone else the problem where your leader line gets wrapped around your mainline? When I would reel in my leader was shorter...
  6. Ifish Community
    I am interested in trying out yarnies drift fishing, does anyone know a good place to buy some? I found this place on esty that sells yarnies. what size and type of hooks do you use with yarnies? 1. do the yarnies come on the hook or do you put them on then hook each time? 2. do you fish...
  7. Ifish Community
    When I float fish I am using a bobber stop, bead, 1/2oz slip aero-float, bead, egg weights 1/2oz , bead, bobber stop, swivel, fluorocarbon leader, to a 1/8oz jig or egg hook. 1. Do I need a shot pattern on my leader line to get the hook or jig down? 2. how do you cast to prevent line tangle...
  8. Ifish Community
    I got my first salmon / steelhead rod this spring, are there clips or something to connect the two piece together for storage ? I have also seen some people put cotton balls on the connecting piece is that a good idea?
  9. Ifish Community
    1. what kind / type of weights do you use? I am using a 1/2 oz sliding aero float, I used split shots but they slide so I was think about egg weights or a weight that has a swivel on each end, any suggestions? or brands ? barrel weights? 2. I also used a braid bobber stop but it slides on my...
  10. Ifish Community
    Anyone know a good knot for mono to fluorocarbon? I am using 12 pound maxima mono and 8 pound fluorocarbon. Do you guys let the knot go through your rods eyes ?
  11. Ifish Community
    I'm new to steelhead fishing and have a couple of questions: 1. Does anyone use a clip or a snap at the end of there fluorocarbon leader when float fishing to quickly change jigs and save there leader length? 2. does anyone have an experience with the Okuma Celilo medium light 9'6 ? 3. How...
  12. Ifish Community
    I am new to fishing, I started this year with just casting spoons but now I wanted to get a float rod for winter and spring steelhead. I have a couple of question about the set up tho: 1. What are some good float rods. I have been looking at the Okuma SST 9'6" or 10'6", how important are the...
1-12 of 12 Results