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pueblo's pictures

  1. Rocks


    Me trying to get in a picture
  2. Roadrunner


    Jumped on my camo hat and scared the p...out of both of us.
  3. Roadrunner


  4. Jumbo Springs Wilderness

    Jumbo Springs Wilderness

    The only buck I saw was here
  5. Road to Gold Butte

    Road to Gold Butte

  6. Virgin Mtns

    Virgin Mtns

    I was there!
  7. Jack


  8. 2011 Nevada

    2011 Nevada

  9. Cabin


    I found this while wandering
  10. Some PM shade

    Some PM shade

    Me near a fantastic spring
  11. High Virgins

    High Virgins

    Spruce Trees!
  12. Virgin Mtns

    Virgin Mtns

  13. The AZ Strip from the Virgin Mtns in NV

    The AZ Strip from the Virgin Mtns in NV

  14. Waterhole on the Strip

    Waterhole on the Strip

    A trail cam in yonder bush
  15. 2011 Nevada

    2011 Nevada

    AZ Strip
  16. Arizona Strip

    Arizona Strip

    Getting some shade out on the strip. Virgin Mtns in distance.
  17. 2011 Nevada

    2011 Nevada

    *****ly pear with fruit - Arizona Strip
  18. 2011 Nevada

    2011 Nevada

    A nasty little Oak Shrub with spikes
  19. 2011 Nevada

    2011 Nevada

  20. 2011 Nevada

    2011 Nevada

    Chaparral in the Virgins