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  1. Rocks

    Me trying to get in a picture
  2. Roadrunner

    Jumped on my camo hat and scared the p...out of both of us.
  3. Jumbo Springs Wilderness

    The only buck I saw was here
  4. Virgin Mtns

    I was there!
  5. Jack

  6. Cabin

    I found this while wandering
  7. Some PM shade

    Me near a fantastic spring
  8. High Virgins

    Spruce Trees!
  9. Waterhole on the Strip

    A trail cam in yonder bush
  10. 2011 Nevada

    AZ Strip
  11. Arizona Strip

    Getting some shade out on the strip. Virgin Mtns in distance.
  12. 2011 Nevada

    *****ly pear with fruit - Arizona Strip
  13. 2011 Nevada

    A nasty little Oak Shrub with spikes
  14. 2011 Nevada

  15. 2011 Nevada

    Chaparral in the Virgins
1-20 of 26 Results