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  1. Sauvie Springer April 2019

    Plunking spring chinook on Sauvie Island's Walton Beach.
  2. Sauvie Plunking Springer 3-24-2019

    Plunking springer, Sauvie Island, 3-24-201
  3. URB SPRINGER 3-24-2019

    Plunking Sauvie Island spring chinook
  4. Winning Combination

    Size #6 blacked winged watermelon spin 'n glo with coon shrimp tail.
  5. Plunking

  6. Extreme Plunking

    Sandy River, Troutdale, Oregon
  7. fall chinook plunking rig

    fall chinook plunking rig
  8. My First Springer

    11.5lb hatchery hen. Hooked up at 5am below Ice Harbor. To dark to take a picture on the bank.
  9. Bite Me

    Willamette Special rigged with salmon roe.
  10. Meldrum Bar

    Willamette River, Gladstone
  11. Plunking

    Columbia River at tip of Bradford Island at Bonneville Dam
  12. Plunking

    Sandy River at Troutdale - January 11, 2009 - 11.63 feet
1-16 of 16 Results