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  1. Ifish Hunting
    I drew a deer tag fo the Silver Lake Unit this year. Me and a buddy are going to scout this weekend and I was wondering if anyone had any pointers on where we should start. I don’t know the area so any tips would be highly appreciated!!
  2. Bass and Panfish and Walleye Oh My!
    I've taken my kids fishing about 2 - 3 times a year since my oldest (18) was 10. It's a joke now with my kids that we catch absolutely nothing when we go. My son turned 18, and I am taking him to bend for the weekend to fish and do some paddleboarding. Then he goes, "Dad, we should go BASS...
  3. Ifish Hunting
    Hi, I am a Marine looking to hunt this unit when I am on leave next. I have never hunted this unit before and am looking for any tips and tricks for success. Many Thanks
  4. Ifish Community
    Been fishing coho and kings in the ocean and river for years now, and just wanting to get into some of the lake fishing at siltcoos or tahkenitch. Would muchly appreciate any tips on gear to use, and also what part of the lake to target. (Like near shore, or out in the middle; deep as possible...
  5. fishing barney

    out with kelly in the fall of 2011 at barney and me hold our 3rd cutttroat at the dam
  6. North Umpqua Steelhead

    Small spawned hen heading downstream. Corkey and sand shrimp.
  7. Clackamas River Winter Steelhead

    Caught this nice chrome buck in Dec 2009. Yarn fly, Corky and sand shrimp
  8. Turkey Tour

    We starting our Turkey Tours in 2009. Keeping it real.
  9. Sandy River Winter Steelhead

    Early 2009 caught this nice native hen on a yarn fly, corkey and sand shrimp
  10. Oregon flag new

    Oregon Flag
1-11 of 11 Results