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  1. Ifish Flyfishers
    Hey all, I just moved to Lincoln county from Colorado and I'm struggling to figure out the fishing here. I only fly fish and I don't have a boat. I'm used to being able to walk and wade small trout streams. I know there's searun cutties here, just curious about where there might be good wading...
  2. Ifish Hunting
    I have a question about Blacktail Deer in the Cascade Range, specifically the foot hills of Mount Jefferson, or Three Sisters. Quick backstory of myself, I am an amputee of the right leg, I still hunt and fish without any special tags for being "disabled". I do what I can with what nature and...
  3. Yaquina Lighthouse

    The Yaquina Lighthouse after sunset
  4. Cape Arago Lighthouse

    Waves wash over the rocks south of the Cape Arago Lighthouse
1-4 of 4 Results