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  2. Homemade Tuna lure pics

    Homemade Tuna lure pics

    sorry if this ends up in the wrong place trying the post picture thing anyhow these are some trolling heads I made going to give them a go in the Newport 2010 OTC some of my favorite colors thanks Dan
  3. Newport 2009

    Newport 2009

    Shooting for ghost shrimp...
  4. Nestucca Dec. 2009

    Nestucca Dec. 2009

    Fishing for winter chrome...
  5. Depoe Bay Summer 2008

    Depoe Bay Summer 2008

    Fishing the Ocean for Silvers
  6. Depoe Bay, OR

    Depoe Bay, OR

    Coming into harbor...
  7. Ocean Fishing out of Newport, OR "Dan French"

    Ocean Fishing out of Newport, OR "Dan French"

    Fishing the Ocean for Silvers...