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  1. For Sale 18 ft. Jetcraft

    Boats and Tackle For Sale
    For sale is a 2006 Jetcraft 90 HP Mercury also a 2006 Kicker is an 2002 Yamaha 8 HP Boat top, curtains, mooring cover by Jerry Lowrance Elite 7 Columbia River Anchor Pantographic wipers 24 gallon fuel tank Karavan Trailer Really Just Needs A Good Bath I just have not been using it enough and...
    $18,500 USD
  2. Boat and Motor Tech
    Hi all. I have a Merc 15hp 2 stroke motor, I think late 1990s or early 2000s, it came on a drift boat I bought several years ago. It has been diagnosed “…low compression in the bottom cylinder…also water in the gear oil. Parts and labor would far exceed the value of the engine. Of the parts are...
  3. Boat and Motor Tech
    Been experimenting with how to get hot water to my tank to rinse my hands. Yamaha and Honda are well documented, these little thumper are not. I voided my warranty of course so if you follow it's in your own Accord knowing that. Cost me 15$ for 10-32 barb, had to buy 12 of them for 15$ and a...
1-4 of 12 Results