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marie's shrimp scent

  1. 2005-04-18 Springer

    2005-04-18 Springer

    Native springer, first fish for my new boat.
  2. 2004-12-15 Dale's First Steelie

    2004-12-15 Dale's First Steelie

    At 14 pounds, this was a very nice first steelhead for Dale!
  3. PC Limit

    PC Limit

    Bobber/eggs/Marie's Shrimp Scent
  4. Luke's 28 Pounder

    Luke's 28 Pounder

    Luke and his 28 pound buck!!!
  5. 32 Pound Chromer

    32 Pound Chromer

    Caught using K-16 Kwikfish, with sardine fillets soaked overnight in Marie's Shrimp Scent Oil.