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  1. Little Scout smoker box

    image of little scout I believe was on smoker before it flaked off.
  2. Little Scout smoker

    Rack, cord and smoker housing.
  3. Little Scout smoker

    Smoker chip tray. Tray is mounted to bottom of smoker rack.
  4. Little Scout smoker

    The rack smoker tray and housing.
  5. Little Scout smoker element.

    Element, ceramic. Have not tested (used) this since i got it.
  6. Little Scout smoker pamphlet (copy)

    Just as title says, a copy of the little scout pamphlet showing some of the wording and original price.
  7. Pamphlets for little scout smoker.

    Originals, and copies of the little scout smoker inserts "reading material" that came with it.
  8. Original pamphlet for little scout smoker.

    Original recipes book and hickory chip detail/order? paper. I need to verify if this is an order card or not. I just don't want to dig the smoker out of storage atm.
  9. Little scout smoker

    The paint has flaked off. Image would have been the same as on the original paperwork I believe.
  10. little scout smoker

    Little scout electric smoker box.
1-12 of 12 Results